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Hope you all are doing well. The idea behind ATS was, Lubos will trade and I will handle the technical things, as basically I am technician and ptc admin more than a revshare admin. According to Lubos, he never got good funds to trade only 15K in 3 days after launch tells the story.

Lubos says he was forced to break few trades, because of withdraw pressure, as we never got deposits, then came this bug where some guys took away more then 110%. I tried a lot, but seems its now out of my hands to keep the site running. Low deposits never allowed him to trade freely, he did some but those were of small volumes.

After having a long conversation with him, I decided to close the site right away and refund the guys their money, as I do not want to be named as who ran away with member’s money.

I will be making a list from tomorrow and from 25th we will refunding all who deposited, there are not many as over 90% are $10-$20 depositors and many of them got their money back even more.

The members who came from my PTC sites can send me tickets there and I will handle them one by one there.

I worked so hard for the site day and night and never imagined, this way I have to close one of my site.
Refunds will start from 25th.