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Ads Trade Share Business Model is an advertising site that sell various advertising products as well as potential reward earning opportunity to members through "Revenue Sharing". Revenue Sharing is strictly subject to New Sales and funds available to Our primary product/service is Business Listing (Ad Packs) and our other products / services are Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads, Cash Link, Traffic Exchange ads etc. You can use these services to advertise your Business/Program/Product/Website to all members and visitors of our site.

We are NOT an Investment / HYIP / Get-Rich Quick Program / MLM / Matrix / Cycler / Currency Exchange / Securities site. AdsTradeShare is not a money making opportunity but a pure online advertising platform with an additional but limited earning opportunities.

All our services are high class and of high-quality. We ensure that all the ads services you purchase are delivered in the right way and are always available. We help you select the best ads service that suite your needs. The good thing with our ads services is that will ensure that you get targeted traffic to your site. Targeted traffic is the best because most of it ends in sales.

We give an opportunity to our members to earn through our platform. This is made possible through the Ads Revenue Sharing program. The following are the modes of earning that our members can use to add extra income :

Referral Commission - You get an opportunity to earn referral commission 8% once you refer your friends to the site.

Ad packs - We offer Ad packs that our members can purchase. These packs include the Starter Ad Pack Plan and the Platinum Ad Pack plan. This is the most profitable form of earning for our members.

You can purchase following Ad Packs in
Starter Ad Pack Plan
Members will get 1000 Banner Ad Credits, 1000 Text Ad
Credits, 5 PPC Credits, 200 Website Credits
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed) : Upto 110%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum Active Ad Packs One Member Can Have : 100
Referral Commission : 8% (Direct Referral Only)
No Membership Required To Purchase Ad Packs In
Starter Plan
Platinum Ad Pack Plan
Members will get 4000 Banner Ad Credits, 4000 Text Ad
Credits, 20 PPC Credits, 1000 Web Credits, $1 Cash Link
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed) : Upto 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum Active Ad Packs One Member Can Have :
Referral Commission : 8% (Direct Referral Only)
Diamond Membership Is Required To Purchase Ad Packs In
This Plan. Diamond Membership Price Is $10 monthly.
Important Notice

Revenue Sharing and Daily Earnings are purely dependent on our sales and sharing varies based on the overall sales, if there are no sales, revenue sharing is not applicable. NON Guaranteed!

You can not purchase Platinum Ad Pack plan without the Diamond Membership. However if you have the Diamond Membership then you can also purchase Starter Ad Pack plan.

Eligibility to receive Revenue Sharing

1. Member must purchase Ad Pack Plan 1 or 2.

2. Member must also log into AdsTradeShare account on a daily basis and must surf at least 10 websites of our members in the traffic exchange panel. Member will receive the revenue sharing rewards only when he/she qualify by surfing 10 ads in the traffic exchange panel every day.

3. Once a member becomes eligible, revenue share is distributed every single hour (if we have received sales for that period). This is an automated log and will continue till each Ad Pack Plan mature at its given %. At this point the Ad Pack Plan will cease to earn further.


1. There is a minimum deposit threshold of $10

2. No limit on the amount you can deposit.


You are in control of your money and these are conditions for withdrawal

1. Minimum Daily Withdrawal: $5

2. Maximum Daily Withdrawal: $200

3. Maximum One withdrawal request per day.

Cap on Withdrawals
Maximum 2.2x (220%) cap earning on the initial cash Ad Pack Plan purchases. You will have to purchase more Ad Pack Plans with fresh funds from one of our processors in order to increase the withdrawal limit.
AdsTradeShare Advertising Products
Banner Ads
These are an effective mode of advertising for a website that is conveyed through Ads server. These banners consist of embedded advertising into a web page. Banner Ads are great tools for attracting traffic to your website or business.
Text Ads
They are the simplest online Ads. You can use Text Ads to promote your products and services
Login Ads
These particular types of Ads gives your website great exposure once a login is initiated. Do you want to get the most exposure and not miss anyone who logs into AdsTradeShare? Then you need to consider Login Ads.
Traffic Exchange
We provide services to our advertisers in exchange for traffic. The idea here is when you view other people' s ads, they will view yours also.
PPC Banner Ads
Also known as Pay Per Click, it is a form of web advertising that is used to direct traffic to a website. The advertisers pays every time the Ad is clicked this makes it be an exciting advertising method.
Cash Link Ads
Do you want targeted visitors to your website. Then cash link ads are here to help you achieve that. We provide low-cost Ads services that will ensure you reap the benefits of good traffic.
Customer Support

Once you become a member, we will ensure that you get all the services you need with the help of our expert customer care representative. We offer support in case of any issue that you might face. Our services are available 24/7 to ensure that our members and advertisers are not disappointed.

For more informations please read our FAQ and Terms & Conditions

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